Monday, October 30

Expect the unpredictable

The posts above continue my initial venture into blogging. Where next? I wish I knew, but I do have some thoughts about future posts.

Sooner or later, I'll have to put up or shut up in my irreverent slagging of John Howard. Some time, I'll offer my assessment of where the Prime Minister falls short if he does indeed try to govern for all Australians. I hope I won't be branded a Howard-hater.

In a couple of months, it will be the 50th anniversary of my
starting as a cadet journalist with The West Australian in Perth. I've experienced the golden years of journalism , with the profession now under threat as print readership drops and the internet explodes.

I'm trying to develop some stories I've carried around in my briefcase for years. Some have been expanded from travel stories published in the Sydney Daily or Sunday Telegraph a few years ago. Subjects range from the Battle of Pinjarra to the life and work of novelist Kylie Tennant.

From time to time, we'll discuss books – largely older and less well known books which help us understand Australia's past.

Expect the unpredictable. This is a blog without fences

As you'd expect, I'm still experimenting. That may lead me to a different approach with length and frequency of posts, and may even lead me to try other blogging hosts. Bear with me.

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