Monday, October 9

A marketing exec's nightmare

It's the stuff of nightmares for any marketing manager . . . failing to deliver on a promotional offer that's been featured in prominent advertising all week.

The Sydney Morning Herald was still promising 50 recipe cards on December 16, as our illustration (taken from a Herald bought on the NSW Central Coast that day) shows. But when Central Coast newsagents opened their bundles, no cards could be found. In frantic calls to the SMH, they learned the offer applied only to the metropolitan area.

Why, then, promote it on the Central Coast, including the front-page splash shown above?

To fix the stuff-up, the Herald took the names of buyers and promised to post the cards out to them. It wasn't quick, because they had to see how many extra cards they had to print. [PS: The cards arrived in the mail on January 2.]

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