Thursday, December 3

It's time to say goodbye.

It is my sad task to inform you that Ian Skinner is deceased
(the term passed away was always abhorrent to him)

He died peacefully in his sleep after an enjoyable family outing in the evening.

On behalf of the larger Skinner family - we wish his blog followers, and people in general, well for the future - life is short - stop to smell the roses - be kind to each other.

"What profit a man to gain the world & lose his soul" - while it is true that Ian never gained the world (materially), it is also true that at no point in his life was he ever in danger of losing his soul.

Those of you who are familiar with Ian's Blog, will know he was a family man to his very essence. He always said his family was his greatest achievement and lasting testament to his core values. As his son-in-law, I am proud to be part of that large and wonderful family. Ian will be missed in a way that I just don't have the words to describe, and his memory will be cherished by us all.

posted by Nick (Ian's son-in-law), on behalf of the Skinner family.