Tuesday, January 29

At last, Granny shows some spine over Wendi

It's been a busy week, and this Tuesday your blogger is still wading through the opinion and review sections of Saturday's Weekend Australian and Sydney Morning Herald. That sort of reading backlog explains why I seldom bought The Bulletin on Wednesdays.

If enough people shared the same problem with information overload, it would go a long way to explain why its owners saw no future for the Bully, whatever its claims to be a national institution.

Anyhow, it's only today that I came across this article in the News Review section of Saturday's SMH, telling of Rupert Murdoch and the young, vivacious and ambitious Wendi Deng, who swept him off his feet.

Aha! I thought. Granny – for the benefit of you youngfellas, that's the old colloquial name for the SMH – is finally showing some backbone.

It wasn't so strong less than a year ago, when the SMH refused to publish a most interesting feature about Wendi Deng Murdoch which one of its editors had commissioned. As a result, the well respected journalist Eric Ellis took his feature to The Monthly, which published it in its June 2007 edition.*

At the time Murdoch had a 7.5 per cent stake in SMH publisher Fairfax, presumably to secure a seat at the table if Fairfax came into takeover contention.

* One has to be a paid Monthly subscriber to read Ellis's feature online.

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