Thursday, October 18

Olive Riley celebrates 108th birthday

Delightful images on the TV news last night (Wednesday) of the party celebrating Olive Riley's 108th birthday, held where she lives just up the road from my place on the NSW Central Coast.

I had planned to offer links to the party photos and videos, so we could all join the celebrations.

No need. Documentary filmmaker Mike Rubbo, who chats to Olive regularly and posts her words to Olive's blog (making her Australia's, and perhaps the world's, oldest blogger) has done all the work for me.

Just go to Olive's blog, and it's all there, including links to YouTube video.

That reminds me. I must return Mike's book, The Myth of the Great Depression by David Potts, and ask him whether my book, Kylie Tennant's autobiography The Missing Heir, helped him understand why popular perceptions of the Great Depression of the 1930s often differ from the differ from the historical record. (I posted on this general topic back on July 17.)

Since we lent the books to one another, I've read Susan Mitchell's biography, Margaret Whitlam, and I was struck by the way the Depression did not touch the lives of her top barrister father and his family, lunching weekly at Romano's, not too far from the humpies which housed the unemployed at La Perouse.

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