Monday, November 20

Now our fig is feeding more wildlife

Well folks, the sulphur-crested cockatoos haven't been back. You'll remember from a recent post how they flew away, screetching vile abuse at me, after I battled flu and rain to put a tent of bird netting over our heritage fig. Since then we've enjoyed three or four ripe figs a day, and there's many more to come.

But we're still sharing the crop. Blue-tongue lizards live under our house, and we've just found a big one inside the netting, munching away at unripe figs on very low branches.

We're not going to disturb any blue-tongues.

At their own pace, they find their way under the netting. Startled, they're likely to hit the net fighting. Disentangling a big, snapping blue-tongue from bird netting is one of life's more interesting experiences.

Anyway, they don't eat much.

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