Sunday, May 31

Shadows bursts out of the gloom in Armidale

Warren Ryan (pictured, the writer and director of the film Shadows of the Past), sent me this email today:


Actors Cassandra Ryan and Justin Colquhoun were kept busy signing
autographs for an hour after last night's sold-out
screening of Shadows of the Past.

Crowd reaction was again fantastic, with patrons vowing to return to
the Belgrave Cinema Armidale before Shadows finishes it's 2-week run.

The Armidale independent gave the film a four-star rating. See
attached pdf [note from Grumpy Old Journo, I'm not confident about loading PDF files to my blog. I'll read up on the manual, and may try again].

I am excited to get the film into our core audience locations. Some
families drove for an hour and a half to make the screening. One
family quoted that "it's the first time they'd been to the cinemas as
a family for 12 years, and that there was no way they were going to
miss this Australian rodeo film".

I'm chuffed, as you'll understand if you go back a couple of posts to "An excellent film stuck in the bush" on May 25. In that post I predicted word-of-mouth audience reactions would lead to acclaim for Shadows, despite luke-warm ratings from film critics.

Armidale is not only a major inland regional town in NSW, it's a university town. Where better to get that word of mouth going?

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