Monday, July 14

World's oldest blogger makes her last post

Olive Riley, widely known as the world's oldest blogger, died yesterday in Woy Woy. She was 108.

For some years, documentary film maker Mike Rubbo had visited her nursing home on the Central Coast of New South Wales, writing down her reminiscences and then posting them to her website. Her descriptions of growing up in Broken Hill, and her life through two world wars and the Great Depression, won her many eager readers around the world.

The Sydney Morning Herald today carried this report of her death. The report also carries links to her blog as posted by Mike Rubbo, and to another blog site posted by one of Mike's friends while he is overseas.

Grumpy Old Journo's list of links also has one to Mike's site,, but it was too busy and attempts to connect timed out.

The following picture, taken from a GOJ post last October 18, shows Olive Riley celebrating her 108th birthday with local schoolchildren:

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  1. hey grumpy old journo its me, samuel thougt id take a look at your blog its relly good its suprising you only have 262 views anyway worlds oldest blogger is the best one yet, i relly like it i better get going now mums got dinner on see ya.