Friday, May 16

LOL, Pop, UR so slo 2 C txt msg is gr8

I am, my young friends assure me, a bit of an old fogey. Still, I've been trying hard to meet the expectations of a more with-it generation and I've finally learned the rudiments of texting. Look at the heading above to see how far I've come. Won't be long, and I'll have mastered the vigour, the impact and the subtlety of SMS texting.

With just a few characters, scattered across the almost unreadable screen of my Nokia 2610 mobile phone, I've been able to say: "Laughing out loud, Pop, you are so slow to see text messaging is great."

In the past, I've refused to accept that texting represents a great leap forward in communication, a charge by humankind into the 21st century. But I'm losing the battle. The experts see "an expansive new linguistic renaissance" as they watch the kids pushing the buttons on their mobiles, according to this report by New Scientist, quoting the online academic journal American Speech.

Perhaps it's time to brush up our SMS literacy with this Webopedia dictionary of texting abbreviations and smileys. Learn to read what your grandchildren are saying about you!

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