Friday, December 7

Better education for Aboriginal kids

If you share the concern about the poor educational achievement of many Aboriginal children (featured in the following two blog posts), you will be interested in a speech by the Secretary of the Treasury, Ken Henry, calling for seven "platforms of development" to improve things.

Read it here, from this morning's Australian.

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  1. As with most government wisdom, the proposed 7 stepped platform, as far as I can see, is topsy turvy.

    There should be first of all, consultation with Aboriginal people.

    Then the other methods I assume would have a much more balanced approach, somewhat democratic you could say !

    In fact I doubt whether the Aboriginal people would even suggest some of the proposals which bring to mind the 'stolen generations', disenfrachisement and so called 'paternalism'.

    After hearing Rudds comments in Darwin just recently, it appears his government will continue along the same path as his predecessor.

    Policies such as army and medical interventions are racist against a section of the community who in some circumstances want help but not of this kind.

    Maybe we would permit our children being examined for abuse by government staff in our schools, to then write reports back to the powers to be ? I think not.

    If there needs to be more resources available in those communities then let them build them and employ aboriginal people to maintain and service them, just as in other suburban communities.

    Using popstar aboriginals who are not from those communities or tribes is a very deceiptfull addition to this 'intervention' as were the words of Mr Rudd in Darwin saying the 'Commonwealth' but leaving out mention of Aboriginal input, was to implement decisions made there.

    Education itself is not a solution to prison rates but rather the 'morals' that are passed on to children, firstly by their parents and possibly , if not ,then by the 'state'.

    I myself would prefer it if it was my parents and it was.
    God help us if we listen to politicians for our standards of conduct.

    To finish off all I can say is God help the Aboriginals and may God impart some wisdom into Kevin Rudd before it is too late.