Thursday, February 8

A toast to my health

GOOD NEWS: My prostate cancer remains under control. I've just learned that hormone treatment has brought my PSA – prostate specific antigen – level down to 0.65 from 2.6 six months ago. A year ago my PSA was 96.3, the result of a prostate tumour rated aggressive and already spreading into my pelvic lymph nodes. Now we'll see how I go with three months off the hormone tablets (sorry ladies, not enough to get me back in action).

Apart from sharing the good news with friends, I'm also posting this to emphasise to you guys the value of screening.

If I'd done nothing until I felt symptoms, it's likely my cancer would have spread into my pelvis and perhaps it would have been too late for any treatment with a good chance of success.

One thing to cloud the good news. The blood test which revealed the PSA fall also revealed diabetes. Damn! I should have listened to my wife about beer and exercise and all that sort of stuff. Still, I'd rather have diabetes than out-of-control prostrate cancer.

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  1. Suzanne9:56 pm

    Glad to hear your health has improved.